Christmas Morning

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OK, so this wasn't exactly Christmas morning.  I think it was Christmas Eve and I'd just showed Andy how to work the camera.  He wanted to take a couple of shots so his Mom and I posed for him.


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Here's my honey getting ready to open her first one from me.

Susie Opening Circ Saw Original.jpg (50449 bytes)

And there it is...a circular saw???  That's right, a circular saw.  She's kind of a do-it-yourself kinda gal.  Well, her father and both brothers are engineers; I guess it runs in the family.

Susie n Circ Saw Original.jpg (46301 bytes)

And look, somebody snuck something else into the box.  Now who coulda done that d'ya s'pose?


Andy Tokn Original.jpg (45161 bytes)

Here's the only one I have left of Andy after he got done with the camera.  I know it looks like he's toke'n but it wouldn't be a very good idea.   Especially since that's a check he's about to light up!


Scott Opening Sm Toolbox.jpg (48648 bytes)

I'm actually opening something down there....


Scott Showing Sm Toolbox.jpg (45263 bytes)

And there it it now.  Why look, it's a small toolbox.  Hey, it's better way than the boxes my tools are in now!  By the way, see the little manger scene behind me on the shelf, under the TV?  Those used to be stark white unfinished porcelain until Susie got her hands on 'em.  And you'll never guess what she used to paint 'em.  Well, all we had around the house was various colors of fingernail polish.  She did a pretty good job, eh???


Susie Opening Dremel Original.jpg (47993 bytes)

"Whooaaa!  It's a Dremel tool!!  I've been wanting one of these forever!  Thanks honey!"


Susie with Dremel GiftCard Original.jpg (49563 bytes)

Oh my gosh, another one of those pesky little things in this box too.  (Now is that the most beautiful smile you've ever seen in your life or what?!?


Susie with Dremel Open 2 Original.jpg (49586 bytes)

"Look at all the really cool stuff you get with it."


Scott Showing Big Toolbox.jpg (38275 bytes)

There's my big present, a nice, heavy duty, five drawer bottom chest.   Andy wanted me to show it for the camera.  Then he asked me to make a face, so I did both at the same time.

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