Hi guys!  To the left are links to what I think might be my "new" boat.  It's a 1984 22' Sylvan.  It's got an aluminum hull with a 200hp Evinrude hanging off the back.  It oughta scoot though, since the boat and motor only weigh around 1600 or 1700 lbs!  The cuddy's got real glass windows, not that plexiglass crapola.  It's also got a full camper canvas, something that'll come in quite handy for the overnight trips I plan on talking Susie into. ;) 

As you'll see from the picture, it's in really nice shape.  I'm purchasing it from the original owner.  I think he's even got all his maintenance records.  I'm hoping it'll do well for me out here.  Who knows, maybe I'll get a chance to bring it back east sometime and we can all go out on the bay again. 

Check it out and let me know what you think, okay? 


P.S.  Please be patient while the pics load.  They're all 640x480 .JPGs.