Welcome to Colorado Christmas 2000

with the Hendrickson/Michael/Thomson Family

Since I have a digital camera now, I figured I'd better take at least some Christmas pictures.  Of course I forgot the camera every time we went to someone else place, or had people over here.  However I did get a couple of pics of the decorations and some pictures of  us on Christmas morning.   So come on along and check it out.

By the way, when are some of you guys going to get personal web sites up, eh?  I don't think I should be the only one posting stuff.  And Kim, you have absolutely no excuse whatsoever!   Considering it's what you do for a living for cryin out loud.  Yeah, I know:   Ya mess with websites all day at work and don't wanna fool with 'em when you get home, right?  Well, whaaa! 

OK, so here's some of our decorations.   We figured we had around 10,000 lights give or take on the outside.  We're going for more next year! :) 

And here we are on Christmas morning.  I had several more of Andy, but made the mistake of showing him some of the camera's operation, including how to delete stuff.  I didn't think he had a problem with that sort of thing.  Oh well.