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Because of the time of day, this was the best shot  I could get.  There was a Sold sign hanging just to   the left of the picture that looked like it went with  this house, but not knowing for sure, I didn't want  to just go out back and shoot pictures.


This huge place is where Grace and Buddy's little cottage once stood.
This is a shot of "the front" (the Potomac side) of the beach   from the end of the Town pier.  Believe it or not, I forgot to  get a picture of the entrance to the pier.  It's got a neat archway that says "Colonial Beach Town Pier", and has bricks with the names of many of the people who made donations in order to rebuild the beach. 
This view is up the boardwalk of Colonial Beach.  Those who knew the old beach will notice the lack of little businesses along the boardwalk.  In the background, you can see the old Reno, now called something I don't remember.  In the foreground on the right is the entrance to the fishing pier, where  you board the commercial fishing and tour boats.
Folks fishing from the pier.  In years past, you couuld catch   some really nice fish from here.  Anymore I don't know....
The Potomac looking upriver from the town pier.  Obviously this is a favorite resting place for the many seagulls found at the beach.
And a downriver shot from the same place as above (only    without the messy railing in the shot).
There's Frank on the Town Pier.  Anything interesting down there??
This is a war memorial that has stood here ever since I can remember.  It's good that they finally bricked up the small area on which it stands because it was getting worn down almost to the point of being gone.
This is a bit further down the front towards "the point".
ColonialBeachCampGround.jpg (25152 bytes) This is Colonial Beach Campground.  During the summer, you often find tents all along this stretch of beach, or at least you used to.

This also gives a good view of how they rebuilt the beach using the break waters and trucked-in sand.


Here's a pic taken from the very tippy tip of Colonial Beach, a spot we've always called "The Point". This is where the Colonial Beach Yacht Club is located.  (It's behind me in this shot.)  It's high tide and as you can see, there's a boat coming in towards Monroe Bay now.
This is the middle of the entrance to Monroe Bay.  It seems calm 
now, but there are some mean currents here.  Many people have drowned over the years right here, thinking that it's such a short distance to the other side, they'd just swim it.   Also seems wider than it was years ago.  Perhaps over the years, storms have taken their toll on the shorelines.
This is looking from the point above up Monroe Creek.

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