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My Wheels and Room


MyRentalCar1.jpg (29255 bytes) This was my ride in MD.  Pretty nice, huh?   It's a Volvo S-40, 1.9 litre turbo, and man could it scoot!  Got this at 1 a.m. at BWI.  The girl behind the counter really wasn't supposed to honor the coupons I had with me, but gave me the upgrade anyway.  When I heard her say Volvo, I was afraid I'd be driving a shoebox down the road.  Some shoebox, eh?
Another exterior pic.  You can kinda see the sunroof that was so handy in getting pictures going across bridges. MyRentalCar2.jpg (27276 bytes)
MyRentalCar3.jpg (34721 bytes) That was a pretty nice interior, leather (or at least a good fake), all kinds of switches and buttons.
The room was pretty nice for a little motel.  It had a king sized bed, a recliner, and a desk.  It even had a second phone jack over by the desk.  The phone also had about a 15' cord on it, something I've never seen in a motel before, but it worked out really well. Super 8 Room 1.jpg (42824 bytes)
Workstation on the Road.jpg (34777 bytes) Here's what the other side of the room looked like with all my stuff laid out.


And here's my workstation-on-the-road.  Hey!  What happened to my camera?!  Oh yeah, I was usin it at the time. (grin) Workstation.jpg (38674 bytes)

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