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The Patuxent at Solomons Island

This is looking up river from the Rt 2 bridge, taken out of the sunroof of my rental car!
Same thing only looking down river.
Another down river shot.
Here's decent one of the whole bridge.  Well, most of it anyway.
Anybody remember this launch ramp???
I remember putting in at the launch ramp above, heading for Solomons harbor to anchor out before a day of fishing, and almost hitting this pier on the way around.  Hey, it was really, really dark that night.
This is looking towards the mouth of the Patuxent from the very tip of Solomons Island.
Around the nose of that boat is the entrance to Solomons Harbor.
This is the first creek you come to on your starboard side when entering Solomons Harbor.  Don't recall the name though.
And the second creek to starboard.
And the third creek, or is that considered Solomons Harbor proper?

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