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Kim, Dave, Jaime, and Rachael

Dave, Kim, Jaime, and Rachael.
The two on the left are both friends of Jaime and Rachael's. Unfortunately, I don't remember their names.
Guess who again.
Had to back across the street to get their whole house in the picture.  You might not be able to tell, but that's a "splat witch" on the front door.
This is the back of Dave and Kim's house as seen from the top of their garage.  Hey, it was the easiest way to get the shot!
That's the covered breezeway from the house to the detached garage.  The small human there is Rachael wondering just what the heck I'm doing on the roof of the garage.
Here's a shot of their nice, big deck.  On the left side of the   deck, you can see what Kim affectionately calls the Gas Grill   from Hell.  It is a monster too.
This is their in-ground pool.  It has a 7 1/2 ft deep end.  They're in the process of adding a diving board.  And to go with a pool, of course you need...
...a pool house naturally.
Here's their little garden.  Kim says she goes out there to think.
Another shot of the garden.  Is that a cool rose or what???
And last but not least, did I mention that they actually have a bathroom in their garage?!?  That's right.  Look at the the center of picture....

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