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The Patuxent from Benedict Bridge

This shot is the Patuxent looking upstream from the Benedict bridge.
Same thing from a different point on the bridge.  Here you can see the PEPCO power plant on the left.  The warmer water from the plant usually makes for some good fishing in the Benedict area.
Here's a downstream shot.
And downstream shot number two.
Benedict Bridge East.jpg (24235 bytes) Got this shot from a pier in Benedict.   That's the bridge from which the pictures above were taken.  Since I'd never been there by land, I thought I drive into town to check it out.
From the same pier looking down river. View South From Pier in Benedict.jpg (26838 bytes)
Some Boats at Benedict.jpg (30800 bytes) These are some of the boats docked here in Benedict.
More piers and boats.  Must be nice to have a lift like that. More Boats at Benedict.jpg (32151 bytes)
Water Cops at Benedict.jpg (30199 bytes) Some of our boys in brown getting ready to fuel up for a day of enforcement.
This is a really nice Formula F-26 PC that had just finished refueling when I got to the end of the pier.  Don't ask me who the guys is, I just wanted a picture of his boat. Nice Formula Just Refueled.jpg (21725 bytes)

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