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The Potomac from the Rt 301 Bridge

Potomac Upriver from 301 Bridge 1.jpg (9944 bytes) A picture of the Potomac upriver from the Rt 301 bridge.  I only really had one shot at these pics.  Unlike the Patuxent bridges, it costs $1.50 every time you go from MD into VA on this one.  Plus I figured it'd probably be dark when I made the return trip (which it was) so I only had one chance.
Another upriver view.  I apparently had my hand on a strange angle for this one, hence the need to rotate it a bit with Paint Shop Pro. Potomac Upriver from 301 Bridge 2.jpg (12476 bytes)
Potomac Downriver from 301 Bridge 1.jpg (22693 bytes) This is a downriver angle.  The tip of land you see just to the right of center is Dahlgren.  I don't know about these days, but during the week, they used to test surface weapons by firing them downriver.  The rounds would hit in the middle of the river somewhere between Colonial Beach and Cobb Island.  There were Coast Guard range boats on station and if you wanted to cross the river (like for a fishing trip) you had to talk to these boats and wait for the guns to stop firing.  Well, I guess you coulda kept going, but hey....
One more downriver shot. Potomac Downriver from 301 Bridge 2.jpg (10512 bytes)

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