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Pics from Rod N Reel
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Some Pictures from The Rod N Reel Restaurant

This is a shot of part of the marina on Fishing Creek upstream from the bridge.
Pipe Dreams is one of the larger charter boats in the Rod-N-Reel fleet.
Aah, a fly bridge.  Now that's more my speed.
This is a shot from the end of the Rod-N-Reel pier north along Chesapeake Beach.
Here's a shot from the same pier looking along the shore to the south.  If  you look hard, you can see the radar tower that everybody uses to navigate by.
Here's a panorama shot of the Bay from the end of the Rod N Reel piers.
Rod-n-ReelPanorama_SM.jpg (30452 bytes)
A small feeding frenzy as a mother and daughter (upper right) feed the locals.
Now this is a bizarre goose if I've ever seen one.  With the camera at my face, he's probably thinking the same thing about me.
A shot of the Rod N Reel itself.  It's changed over the years.

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