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TheBoatRamp.jpg (46798 bytes) This is the public boat ramp.  They've improved the piers over the years.  I remember when you had to be careful where you stepped.   We used these ramps many times, and it's always been free.
Here's a panorama taken from the end of the ramp's pier. 
On the left is the Colonial Beach Yacht Club.  Noni's place is down to the right
Ramp Panorama All-SM1.jpg (27093 bytes)
One of several coves on Monroe Bay, this one is located just upstream from the boat ramp. A Cove at Colonial Beach.jpg (31907 bytes)
Another Cove at Colonial Beach.jpg (35394 bytes) This is looking up the creek (no pun intended) just before you'd get to Parker's Crabshore.
Looking from down the street back up into the cove by Parker's Crabshore.  Parker's is at the tip of the arrow. Parkers Cove Arrow.jpg (44222 bytes)
From the Oyster Place Downstream.jpg (25124 bytes) This shot is looking from the oyster place (we never bothered to find out its name) downstream towards The Point.
And from the oyster place looking upstream towards Miller's/Steve's/Whatever it's called now. From the Oyster Place Upstream.jpg (20561 bytes)
From the Oyster Place Toward Nonis.jpg (33250 bytes) This is the closest I could get to a shot of Noni's from the water side. I didn't have my binoculars so I couldn't tell if her house actually shows in this.

Frank was kind enough to find me a spot on the other side from which
I could take this panorama.  To the right, you can see the entrance to
Monroe Bay and the Yacht Club.

Other Side Panorama_SM.jpg (26260 bytes)
Here we're looking from the pier at Monroe Bay Campground, across the creek and a little downstream from Noni's.  If you know what you're looking at, you can just pick out the Yacht Club in the distance. FromMBCampground1.jpg (23369 bytes)
FromMBCampground2.jpg (27658 bytes) Now we're looking from the same pier across towards Parker's.  Parker's is in the shot towards the right side.
In the panorama below, we're still looking from the pier at Monroe Bay Campground
In the center, you can see the oyster place from which I took some earlier shots.
Around to the right of the oyster place lies the cove
on which Noni's house is nestled.
MB Campground Panorama_SM.jpg (33905 bytes)

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